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Περιγραφή παιχνιδιού:

It is a dream of every girl like you to become a beautiful princess as they have heard about many princesses in fairy tales. Everyone is beautiful in one way or the other but to be a princess; it takes a lot of things into consideration. Pretty princesses can exit not only in fairy tales but also in real life too. Even you can be a princess if you follow the advice we give you. A princess differentiates herself from the ordinary folks with the way she looks. From her hair to makeup and from outfits to accessories everything is unique that is why princesses live beyond time and place. So if you wanna have an incredible look, this spa makeover game will let you know the beauty tips of pretty princesses. This young girl you are about to meet in this thrilling makeover game is one such girl like you who wishes to be a princess and you need to indulge her in various facial treatments and makeup processes to get a royal look on her face while having a sparkling glow. You can also give her a super chic hairstyle that of your favorite princesses and dress her up fashionably along with fine jewels that she looks as a modern princess with captivating beauty. Have fun playing this spa makeover game!