Sonic Παιχνίδια - Σελίδα 2

Παίξτε παιχνίδια με τον Sonic στο! Είστε φαν του Sonic του σκαντζόχοιρου; Μεταμορφωθείτε στον αγαπημένο σας χαρακτήρα και πάρτε μέρος στα περιπετειώδη σενάρια σε διάφορες πίστες για να νικήσετε τους κακούς. Παίξτε τα καλύτερα παιχνίδια online στο Y8 σήμερα!
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Sonic Games

Sonic the Hedgehog is the main character of the similarly titled game series released by Sega. Sonic has also been featured in many comics and cartoons as well. Sonic got his name for his ability to run at supersonic speeds. After the release of the first 8-bit game for consoles in 1991, Sonic quickly became popular all over the world. Sonic laid the foundation for a large media franchise and the character itself became Sega's mascot. By 1998 the developers have released the first game in the series with full-fledged three-dimensional graphics.

Almost all of the popular Sonic games are platformers in which the player needs to complete levels fast and fight enemies. The main villain in Sonic games is Dr. Eggman, who wants to take over the world. Initially, Sonic fights against Eggman and his robots alone but in the subsequent games, he is joined by another popular character of the franchise, Tails the Fox. Also, there is Knuckles the Echidna who becomes one of Sonic's best friends after having been his enemy. Sonic is the star of many video games and the blue hedghog appears in many spin-offs genres like racing, fighting, and others.